Custom Groupings MIDI Profiles

Hello everyone, I am investigating but I cannot find a solution. I create two instrument tracks. I would like to be able to make one instrument be controlled by two MIDI devices (marked in green in the attached image), and the other instrument by two other different MIDI devices (marked in red). I have looked for a way to configure it but there is no way. Cubase (Pro 11 in this case) lets me select either a MIDI device, or the ‘All MIDI Imputs’. Is there any way to create custom groupings MIDI profiles? Something like the ‘All MIDI Imputs’ but selecting the devices that I want. At the moment I am working on creating two MIDI channels linked to the instrument and setting up only one input per channel, but it sucks a bit of shit to have to select two channels at the same time every time I switch instruments. Thanks!


The only solution I can imagine is to set both “green” devices to send the data on MIDI Channel 1 and both “red” devices to send the MIDI data on MIDI Channel 2 (or other). Then you could use MIDI Input Transformer to filter other MIDI Channels out.


Wow, I didn’t know MIDI Input Transformer. I go to try with that, thanks!

If that doesn’t work, you could use MIDI-Ox or another external software MIDI router to achieve what you want.

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With the transformer I do not clarify, what a mess! :sweat_smile: I will go to try with the MIDI router software, looks easy and effective. Thanks!