Custom Instruments Label Placement... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Here it is in all its glory thanks to Dorico 5.1.10 :

Thank you dear Dorico Team. !!



It turns out this is “only” working with variants and not with custom instruments !!!

judging from the release note it should be working for Custom instruments :

But the result is as follow (piccolos are variants and saxophones are custom instruments based on the same “Dorico default alto sax” parent instrument) :

I would have liked to build my entire Custom Instrument Library using the elegant Variant concept but Variants still aren’t capable of saving dedicated Endpoints as you mentioned here :

Since I don’t have a choice but to create Custom Instruments I was really Jumping for joy at your announcement !!

Yes, this works by looking at the parent instrument type, i.e. the default instrument that each of your custom instruments is based on, rather than simply examining their names.

To hear you confirm that this is supposed to work with Custom Instruments as well as with Variants is awesome !

Now… at this point I am yet to see it working, and would greatly appreciate some help in achieving the desired result.

I have this test project setup like this :

The Engraving options are as follow :

The Layout options are as follow :

The Instrument Definitions are a simple duplicate of the defaults :

From the Endpoint Configuration we can clearly see that the Custom Instruments do refer to the same default instrument :

Yet the result I get is still this :

I don’t know what I am doing wrong ?

Here is the project just in case :
STAFF LABELS.dorico (1.4 MB)

No, sorry, I was probably not clear enough: custom instruments do not retain information about their parent instrument, so they will not be grouped together. Only instruments with a common parent, i.e. variants, will be grouped together.

I understand that you need to use non-variant instruments for the purposes of your playback configuration, so we’ll need to think about this some more, to see how else we could approach this such that we can satisfy the competing requirements here.

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