Custom key signature

Hi Steinberg community, how can I add a custom key signature and make it works? Thank you Schermata 2021-03-07 alle 17.16.12|495x500

Is your issue that the E natural wasn’t made E flat automatically when you added the key signature? Dorico won’t change the accidentals/pitch when you add a key signature but you should find that after you’ve added a key signature, new notes you input by default follow it - so if you were to now input an E, it would be an Eb unless you specified otherwise.

I wrote these notes after putting the key signature. If I click E it will always write a E natural. How can I solve this problem?

Perhaps you could attach your project so we can take a look? In general it should absolutely work as you describe, i.e. when you input an E with the mouse or your computer keyboard, it will be an E flat.

I think it is probably because I make a mistake when I set up my tonal system. Can you explain to me the steps to correctly set up the accidents I chose?

I’m not sure I can do a better job than the manual: to review the documentation, start from this page. If you can’t figure it out, it really is easier to diagnose the problem if you share the project itself. If you’re worried about sharing your music, then you can do File > Save As to save a copy, delete all but a couple of bars, and then attach that version.

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Thank you, I found the solution on the manual