Custom Keysets from Mac to Mac

I can’t figure out how to do this or where custom Keysets are stored on the Mac …

In the Package Contents of Nuendo5 I see all the normal folders for alt_keycommands & Presets/KeyCommands yet none of my custom setups are there …

I asked this question on the forums a couple months ago and nobody responded …


thanks felixx

They are stored with the user profile (so in the user’s settings directory). I’m not sure where exactly this is on Mac as I’m PC based.

Thanks … Yes I’ve mainly been on PC too … So I know where that stuff is …

Where is it on the MAC … ???

Anybody !!

Is it not possible to move Keyset and Config info between MACs?

Anybody !!


I use N4, but since it’s pretty much been the same sinc N2 at least:

User/Library/Preferences/NuendoX/Key Commands.xml

Have never been able to make it work between Mac and PC, but Mac to Mac no prob.

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Are you on Lion? If so, the user library is hidden by default so you can’t easily locate the N5 prefs folder. Here’s how to “unhide”.


thanks alot for that info … I am running LION and was unaware of that hidden folder … That explains alot … and there they are!

why in the hell would Mac do that?

thanks a ton


why in the hell would Mac do that?

Good question! Glad that helped; found an easier way to show the folder. When in Finder, click on the “Go” menu and with it open hold down your ‘option’ key; voila, the user>library folder magically appears! john.