Custom Location for user presets

Would be great to have a user chosen location for track, fx, instrument etc presets. Currently they are all on different places on system folder and hard to keep track for back up or using them on 2 or more systems. The way Live and Studio One does it great. Just save or drag to wherever you want on computer.


You can already do this in Mediabay. What am I missing?

Hey Steve,

AFAIK Media Bay or not you can not set a custom location for user content. In media bay you can only copy them to another location but can not set a custom default location. So basically when I do ‘‘save track preset’’ only option is to save to the default Steinberg set location deep in the system folder.

And everything has a different location like:

Plug-in presets
Project templates
/Users/your_username*/Library/Preferences/Cubase 9.5*/Project Templates
FX chain presets
/Users/your_username*/Library/Audio/Steinberg/FX Chain Presets
Channel strip presets
/Users/your_username*/Library/Audio/Steinberg/Strip Presets
Track presets
/Users/your_username*/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Track Presets

If you used it you might know in Ableton Live there is a preference to select a location for user content. Other than that you can also save anything to wherever you want. Same with Studio One. So if you use more than one system and if all user content is on an external drive, it is accessible by all systems without dealing with copying between computers all the time. Which also makes it easy to backup .Just one location for everything.

I see what you’re saying- that it should be a default location for saving.

Yes. ıt can stay as it is but also an option for custom default location would be good for users with multiple setups