Custom Masterpages


I created a custom master page for an individual part layout. I then created a second custom master page based on the first one for another instrument. However, when I modify the second one, it applies to the first one also. What’s the purpose of this function then? And how can I build different custom master pages without starting from scratch every time?



I explained this a few days ago here: Editing Default Master Page changes First Master Page as well. Basing MP on another links changes? - #3 by pianoleo

Thanks for you answer. I think though it is a very very odd behaviour since there is no way to copy text from one frame to another and keep its orignal format, font type and size, etc.

I hope the next version of Dorico will be more flexible for that. I’m losing a lot of time to reformat everything…

There won’t be any changes in the next version of Dorico specifically for this, but I agree that we should make it clear when a frame is linked to another frame in a different master page pair, and make it easy to unlink it without deleting it and recreating it.

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