Custom modifier key functions to be able to replicate other daw's(like Logic Pro)command structure's

if your coming from another daw and want to keep your keyboard shortcuts you can only go so far at it, because cubase give you very little control over customizing the modifier keys.

for example holding command in logic and studio one turn your cursor into the Marquee (range selection) tool , and there couple of these types of shortcuts(notebly the zoom, pencil, automation curve, tools) .

also in logic pressing “t” will let you temporary select tools using different keys and will temporarily disable those keys Standard shortcuts.

in logic if you press “z” (zoom in to selected region shortcut) 2 times it will toggle zoom in and back out, in cubase doing that will only zoom in and pressing it a second time will do nothing.

there’s some more stuff like this but big ones.

if steinberg will ever let us customize these types of stuff then I think I found my new daw!

Sounds like you’re having a tough time but I guess you better get used to the Cubase way.

Cubase has a real Undo for zoom commands, thus there is no toggle. It is similiar to Undo and Redo - two different key commands. If you put them close to each other you can go back and forth in no time. But the Undo Zoom will also work for any other zoom operation that you do. And it has a stack, ie. you can go back step after step after step in regards to zoom operations.
You have to assign it a key command first, though. I think by default it is unassigned.


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I’ve made an edit in the quote above.

To be perfectly honest, the sooner you accept that different DAWs have different workflows and somewhat different paths to achieve a specific result, the easier your life will be.
Cubase actually offer extensive customization options for both key commands and modifier keys compared to many of its competitors. If you still find these options inadequate, you could explore 3rd party solutions such as Keyboard Maestro (Mac) or AutoHotKey (Win).

To expand on @Johnny_Moneto post above, there is also the most excellent Zoom Mem and Zoom Zap functions that lets you quickly store and recall a “zoom state”.
And if you want to get really crazy, all Key Commands available can be used to create Macros that in turn can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts.

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I’ve been trying to find a way to do this too but with no luck. Mainly one modifier key for a quick cut tool and then be able to hold down another modifier key for initiating the zoom tool.

For example: Holding down Option and the cut/slice tool appears (like studio one). Or holding down the command key and the zoom tool appears to let me quickly zoom and then reverts back to the arrow tool as soon as I let go.

Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks!