Custom number of pads per group - two options: add blank pads, consolidate next pads

Hi, seeing as many drum pad controllers out there are beyond the 4x4/16pad count, it would be great to be able to decide between different pad amounts.

Even able to just have 4 big pads per group and up to 64.

If you are increasing pad count per group, you are given two options:

1.)Add blank pads per group while retaining current pad placement
2.) Consolidate pad space which makes use and brings together all the current pads with samples in the same order that they are, just no empty pads in between.

Also make the pads resize able. They need to be larger to show full file names. Should also be able to make the pad section smaller by auto-adding a scroll bar once the minimum resize has happened, thus people can scroll if they have 64 pads that don’t fit on screen.