Custom pallets

Saw that video a while back about musescores custom pallets and after trying it I think that functionality is a great way to personalise the experience.

I would love to be able to do that in dorico. Is there such or similar customisation on the roadmap for dorico? It kinda teases already:)

There’s no way to customise the panels in Dorico at the moment. It would be more worthwhile for some panels more than others (e.g. tempo, playing techniques) so it’s certainly possible that we might implement something along those lines in future, but it’s not currently a high priority for us.

Thank you for your response. Yeah, for some pallets I use the majority of items in it, while others I barely ever use and would hide some items (like the c time signatuure in common) or even whole pallets (for example archaic/uncommon clefs) if there was an option for it.
I hope this becomes a higher priority in the future.

Just saw, that if there are no items in “Used in This Flow” (for example in time signature), it shows up as an empty pallet. Is that a bug or intentional?

It’s intentional, inasmuch as we don’t go to the trouble to hide it altogether when it’s empty.