Custom parts?

Hi there - the third movement in my symphony calls for some of the ensemble to sing. This means that these players will have a SATB part included in their third movement. Is it at all possible in Dorico to create this part and then add it to other parts? ie create the SATB part then cut and paste it into Piccolo, Flutes, Oboes etc…?

I’m a total newbie to all of this. I use Dorico 2.2 and am on a Mac High Sierra 10.13.6. Thank you.

  1. Add SATB in the left panel of Setup mode (use four separate players if you want four separate staves, or the “Chorus (Reduction)” instrument if you want SA on one stave and TB on another stave, bracketed together).
  2. Shift-Click all of your part layouts in the right panel of Setup mode. Then tick the boxes next to each of the new players you’ve added in the left panel.

You’ll likely want to rename each of your part layouts (right panel), as they’ll automatically have become “Flute and Soprano and Alto and Tenor and Bass” etc. Do that by double-clicking on the part name (right panel) and deleting the bits you don’t need. You’ll need to do these one at a time.