Custom percussion kit glissando


I am trying to recreate this in Dorico (see attach).
How can I fake the glissando? Dorico won’t gliss. between percussion instruments.

Thanks in advance,

I don’t think you really have much choice but to use a pitched instrument for this. If this player already holds a percussion kit, it should be OK to add another pitched instrument to that player, e.g. a glockenspiel or similar, and then write the notes requiring the glissando for that pitched instrument instead. Give the unpitched staff a percussion clef, if you like.

What Daniel suggests is exactly what I do for the exact same purpose as you need. The downside is, that we have handle 1. with the instrument changes (“To Mark Tree”, “To Perc.”), second the fact that it’s not possible to write a MarkTree simultanious with a Shaker/Tambourine/etc. (on one staff), which is a real pitty, since it’s quite common to play (in a pop percussion context).