Custom playing techique activation in Expression Map

Hello Dorico’s Team,

I try to activate a custom (new) playing technique called “Leg espr” in my score.
I did the following :

  1. In “Engrave” mode, I created the new playing technique.
  2. In "Play mode, I created a new Playback technique called “Leg espr” and I saved it as default.
  3. In “Play” mode again, I created a new Expression Map called “VSL SSP Violin 1” where I put the appropriate switches with Program Changes for my VSL librairies.
  4. I checked with the “Audition switch” and it worked properly.
  5. In “Write” I introduced the technique in the score.

When I try to playback the score, the technique is ignored and, in play mode in the playing technique lane, it does not appear.
What did I miss ? (see project attached)

Thank you for your help.
SY Strings Pro (863 KB)

( leg espr. and detaché have to be in the same Mutual Exclusion Group…)

Hello Fratveno,

Thank you for your advice which solves my problem.

I did not think about this because I had in mind to use this “playing technique” simultaneously with another one.

Best regards.

In that case check out the version history 3.5 page 6 (i think it is) There are now 2 switch types, base and add-on which provide increased flexibility. Base can also combine techniques (eg 'staccato + marcato)