Custom playing techniques : 2 problems and 3 suggestions

Hi there,

  1. I used quite a few custom playing techniques combining text and glyph, things like arrow pont to mark towards ponticello or percussion stick glyph with text. For some of them, never all of them but sometimes quite a lot, the glyph disappears when starting a new project and have to be redesign. Anyone experienced the same behaviour?
  2. Changing the section to which a playing technique belongs (common, winds, strings…) does not always reflect in the panel. For example, I have a few PT belonging to the strings (and yes they are associated in the proper menu) that permanently appear in the common section.


  1. Could it be possible to add a show/hide function for the playing techniques in the panel? It gets so crowded with unnecessary PT (of course, everyone has its own definition of unnecessary PT) that it takes forever to find something.
  2. Could it be possible to be able to visually organized the PT in the panel in a logical way?
  3. A very stupid problem for very stupid people like me… In the glyph editing window, could the “add glyph” button be sitting anywhere else than just on top of the “enter” button? Gee it’s annoying when you find your glyph after going through the infinite SMULF sections, click the wrong button and have to repeat the process!
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I agree this that.
Now if it s possible i don’t now.

Non ce n’est pas possible pour l’instant et c’est pourquoi je le souligne.
Au plaisir