Custom playing techniques across projects

Hey everyone,

first off, amazing work on V3, the continuous lines feature and condensing alone are amazing.

Is it possible to import / Export custom playing techniques from one project to another?



At the bottom left corner of the Playing Techniques Editor you’ll find a Star icon (two to the left of the Trash Can). It’s a “Save as Default” button. Use it and you’ll find that any Playing Technique you’ve saved as default will be available in other projects.

Awesome thank you!

I think they are available only in new projects, or?

Yes, when you save a playing technique by clicking on the star button, it becomes available in newly-created projects. If you need it in an existing project, it’s obviously a lot harder; you can do something like import the flows from the project in which you want to use the playing techniques into a new project in which the playing technique already exists. Clearly in future we will provide tools for this kind of import/export, but developing them is not trivial and we are committed to doing a good job, so we are not going to rush them in, despite the fact that we know it’s inconvenient not to have them.

My experience is that the “newly-created” bit is irrelevant. I’ve just tried this here: I can definitely save a custom Playing Technique as Default, then open any other project and find that my custom Playing Technique is available.

Thanks pianoleo. Indeed, you are right. But now: is it possible to delete the as default saved playing technique?

That bit might be harder, and probably involves digging into the user library xml file (or similar).

Thank you Daniel and everyone else for jumping in.

Makes sense and I appreciate that at some point in the future a more robust import/export functionality will be available.

In the meantime, I’m creating whatever new techniques I need from scratch rather than modifiying standard ones. I assume that’s safest because then saiving as default will not overwirte the standard techniques but still give me access to the new onces correct?



To UMahnken, and anyone else who’s interested, I offer a means to remove Playing Techniques that have been Saved as Default. It’s not for the faint-hearted, so read carefully at least twice before actually trying.

  1. Close Dorico
  2. Navigate to %APPDATA%\Steinberg on Windows or /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg and open the Dorico (3) folder (or the Dorico 2 folder if you’re still in Dorico 2.)
  3. Copy the userlibrary.xml file and paste it somewhere else, safe - this is your backup in case something goes horribly wrong.
  4. Open the original userlibrary.xml file in a proper text editor (like Sublime Text, BBEdit, SciTE, etc.), not TextEdit or WordPad. I’m in TextWrangler here.
  5. Use the Find functionality in your text editor to search for the name of your Playing Technique. For example, mine is called “rocket”.

Depending on what kind of Playing Technique you’re searching for, you might find that your search term produces quite a few results. Limited testing would indicate that removing solely this section - probably the search results towards the end of the file - will remove the Playing Technique from Dorico, and is unlikely to cause problems further down the line.

  1. Save your file.
  2. Reopen Dorico and see if it’s worked.
  3. Retain the saved file in case something goes horribly wrong.

Note: there’s the potential for disaster here. I’ve not suffered it myself, but please walk into this with your eyes open :wink:

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