Custom Plugin Names?

Hey guys,
does anyone know if it is possible to give plugins custom names in the plugin manager (or somewhere else), so they are recognized by this name in Nuendo?

For example: since the latest FabFilter update, all the FabFilter plugins are named like Pro Q3 or Pro L 2 instead of the former names like FabFilter Pro Q 3…
So I’m used to use the search function when inserting a plugin and therefore I mostly search after the manufacturer, but unfortunately this doesn’t work anymore with my FabFilter plugins.


Just edited the vst3 plugin xml :see_no_evil:
This works, but it’s a huge pain in the a **
And I’ll have to do this after every plugin update …
Would be nice to have this function featured in the plugin manager.

can we add onto this - ability for plugin aliases (eg rename a plugin in the insert slot, very handy for insert presets with multiple plugins doing specific tasks)

In Studio > VST Plugin Manager, you choose to show plugins by developer instead of type.

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@JamelaBanderson thanks!
But this unfortunately doesn’t solve my problem that I can’t use the search function for the manufacturers name.

I’ve never looked into this before, but is Nuendo really incapable of including information from all “sources” (e.g. Name and Vendor) when searching?
For example: If I search for “FabFilter”, but the term is only stored as “Vendor”, will the plug-in not be listed? Is searching really only going to look for names? That would be … interesting. :dizzy_face:

unfortunately it looks like the answer is “yes”

What I have found, is that several plug in vendors do not provide a full set of metadata in their plugins.

Nuendo can read a ton of metadata off of them. But, that data has to be there to begin with.


@noeqplease as I saw in the vst3 xml, there is a lot of data and also the vendor for each plugin. But it seems like that Nuendo is only using the “name” attribute for the search function.


With all due respect, this is really embarrassing. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I hope that Steinberg will change this in the future.
I have saved all plug-ins in meaningful folders (e.g. by manufacturer), sometimes even several times (e.g. by purpose like “Atmos”). But sometimes it’s just quicker to use the search.

@TimoWildenhain upgrading the plugin manager with these functions in one of the next updates would be awesome. Thanks in advance

Hello guys, many thanks for the suggestion. There isn’t a functionality that would allow custom names for plug-ins. This would require some sort of additional “layer” that allows for an abstract naming scheme. While we have such naming schemes available to Nuendo in other parts of the application, it cannot easily be transferred to the plug-in vendor registry. Well, we can certainly look into this more in detail, but I’m afraid (and just want to be transparent here) that we won’t see it very soon.

Many thanks,


@TimoWildenhain maybe it is possible / more easy to add other (additional) labels, like the vendor, to the search function? Because actually you can only search by the plugin name.

This doesn’t replace the needed custom names, but would make the search function more powerful and user-friendly.


Over the years we have collected over 450 plugins of several manufacturers.
This makes it rather time consuming and annoying to scorll up and down the lists.
The use of the “favorite plugin list” feature is not really practical for us.
I think that the whole plugin management could use a makeover and
implementing custom naming of plugs or, at least, adding to their
specific names would be very valuable.

I would advise against it.
With Cakewalk SONAR it has always been possible to rename the plugins. With the result that the projects could no longer be loaded months or years later if the plugins in the current installation were not renamed exactly as they were then.
In addition, the plugins were renamed back each time updates were installed. This is more work than it saves time.
There’s a lot more to it than you might think at first.

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As a developer I wouldn’t use custom names for identification purposes, just for display.

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I think there should be a layer “in between”.
So Nuendo only “masks” / connects the plugin with the custom name, but doesn’t change the actual plugin information. Doing it this way, updates should be no problem imho

I don’t think that it needs more than a local look-up table: Nuendo loads the plug-in, examines a list of aliases and displays it in case it found one. There would be a Pref to show either the original names or the user-selected ones. That’s about it.

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