Custom Preset Browser not showing preset name

When you use the custom preset browser with a custom section while scoped to the script module, it doesn’t seem to create a standard xml file.
onSaveSubPreset() and onLoadSubPreset() then handles the data and no other preset info seems to be passed to the .halpreset file.
This also leads to the preset browser not displaying the selected preset name in te text box of the template.

Has anyone else experienced this and maybe found a solution?

Hi AposMus,

Same here. I haven’t used the preset browser custom for a while but I can confirm it doesn’t show the preset name if attached to script module (or scope set to script module). It still works ok but doesn’t show the preset name.

Regarding the xml file, I don’t think it’s supposed to create an xml file. Everything should be stored with the halpreset.

Maybe you should report it as a bug.

Thanks for the response. Yes I think I should mention it as a bug.

The halpreset files use the xml format it seems. You can open them in vscode and it will default to xml.
The custom preset from a script only saves the returned data without the xml layout, so that might be the issue.