Custom rhythm section players

Can I assign my own rythm section players? I have a rythm section with a harpsichord instead of normal keys and I want to show chord symbols in that part always.

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If the harpsichord player is just “holding” the harpsichord, set that player to show chord symbols for all the instruments it holds (those options when you right-click a player apply to that player only, not all instruments in the project).

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Ooooh, yess, now I understand. That “all instruments” in the chord symbols dialog refers to all instrument that that player is holding, not all instruments in the score. Thank you!

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@Lillie_Harris I was confused by this just a few weeks ago myself. There might be an opportunity here to make the entries in the menu clearer in that regard.

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At last, this was a tricky one! Even in the manual it is not that clear.

Here’s the latest version of this page, where I’ve done my best to make it clear from the outset that the options apply per-player. Could you let me know where exactly this could be clearer? Many thanks.

For example:

select a player in the Players panel for whom you want to hide/show chord symbols

To show chord symbols above all instrument staves held by the player

Chord symbols are hidden/shown above the corresponding instrument staves held by the selected player

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