Custom score order for one flow only

This must be simple but…

How do I set a custom score order for only one flow?

AFAIK, you can’t. I’ve tried this every way I could think of and couldn’t manage it, and carefully combed through all the documentation. I just end up saving as a separate filename and assigning one flow per file.

I rarely need this, but when I do, it’s a bummer.

You can change the score order per-layout, but not per-flow. One way around this would be to duplicate the player or players who need to have a different order, and insert them into the right spots in the Players panel, then make sure they are not assigned to the flows in which the usual score order is OK, and likewise make sure the existing players are not assigned to the flows in which the custom score order is needed, then assign both players to the part layout for each nominal player. (Hope that makes some kind of sense!)

Yes, makes sense. That was the solution that I was hoping not to need!
Is it (ever) likely that things will be selectable in setup per flow per layout?

It’s certainly not impossible, but it’s not going to be happening imminently.

The use case is where a fixed ensemble are split into sup groups that don’t follow score order - in this case Andrea Gabrieli.

I’m glad to know there is a reasonable work around in the mean time. I’m filing this in the “good to know” category should I ever need it. (Like so many other threads.)

The benefit of this forum (and the FB group) to my learning of Dorico has been incalculable.

Sadly, I am not on FB anymore and I know that I miss a few things that go on there. Occasionally I see, “check our facebook page for more details” and I sigh. Alas, I’ve separated myself from “social” media but that’s the price I pay. (And apart from this one case, I don’t regret my decision.) :unamused:

I do follow Dorico on FB, but I seldom read all the posts since it is very difficult to sift through those that merely duplicate issues handled here in order to find those that are unique to the FB page. Wish there were a way the posts could be consolidated–preferably not on FB.