Custom shortcut not working

I added the custom keyboard shortcut OPTION + SHIFT + R to hide rests, but it does not work.
So I tried a different one: OPTION +CONTROL + R and this does work.
I know, it is not a big deal, but just to know if there are any particular rules to follow.

PS: I have an Italian keyboard but the OS and Dorico are in English.

I’ve set mine on ctrl-r (mac) and it’s been working flawlessly for years…
You have to be really careful that the shortcut is not already used in Dorico or by the system.

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Or by the system? Well, that’s interesting, I wonder if and what cmd-shift-r does to a mac.
Anyway your choice is a good one, so I copied it. Thank you!

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Since I only use a midi keyboard–all of my note entry keys are available. I use e for removing rests, a = transpose, b = beam, c = cut beams.

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