Custom staff size for condensed staves


So, I think because the program does not let you select any condensed parts in write mode, there is no way to shrink the staves like I want. The staff sizes I need for my band piece should be about 20% smaller than what I am allowed to do. When I go into page setup and choose “custom size” for the staff size, it never gives me the option to input a custom staff size.

What do I do? Things are colliding to hell and I need the ability to shrink my staves more.


I feel like I’m missing something…

You just want to change the size of your staves in one Layout? (See the Note in Step 4)

I’m not sure but if you turn Condensing off and do this (below) for all instruments that are condensed then it might keep this size when Condensing is turned on. Eg if you only want a Tpt 1 and 2 stave smaller, turn Condensing off, change staff size of both these instruments, turn Condensing on. I have no idea if this will work!