Custom start and end caps for lines

Is there any way to create a line like this in Dorico?


Yes, you’d create the white and black circles as custom annotations, then build them into a custom line whose line body is a single solid line.

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@Lillie_Harris thank you so much. Now, where do you think I could find an open circle, and for that matter, a filled one?

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The Wind Techniques section of whichever smufl font you’re using (Bravura by default).


@pianoleo Wow! You are all so helpful. And yes, this is a bass clarinet piece, and I am not yet familiar with the ins and outs of such instruments.

Just out of curiosity (since I do sometimes write for Bass Clarinet), what technique does the composer want this notation to indicate?

@Derrek amusingly I was just now about to edit my reply as after discussion with my colleague, a New Complexity School composer, I found out it has nothing to do with open and closed holes. It’s a completely unique notation for his piece, one of a number of idiolectic signs. From the Preface:

Prescriptive expressive specificity such as this is common amongst New Complexity composers. [And please all, don’t bash New Complexity work - I just engrave it. I don’t write it. Often when I post in various forums queries about ultra modernist work members seem to take it as a springboard to condemn new music instead of focusing on the musical engraving technicalities.]


@Andro , Thank you. That was very informative. Even though I do not write in the New Complexity style and scarcely understand it, I never know when a technique or unfamiliar articulation may cross over or be useful.

Again, thank you for explaining.