Custom time signature in 18C piece

Continuing on from my topic re beaming in Georg Böhm, I rather like these triple time indicators. Obviously I can do them by hiding the time sig., but where can I a find a font that has a nice 18C time sig. 3 like these?



I must say I like Estienne Roger’s snazzy key signatures.

You shouldn’t need to hide the time signature: you can set the time signature to show only the numerator, I think.

(I can’t help you with the period-appropriate 3, however!)

Found a perfect one:

Almost identical to Roger’s engraving.

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This is the property you need…

It’s the font I am talking about not denominator etc. Can you set a font for one time sig.? Was that not clear in my post?

In order to display only the 3, you need to suppress the drawing of the denominator, which can be done via the Denominator style property. Your initial post suggested you would hide the time signature altogether and then add the 3 using text, but you don’t need to do that.

You can replace the time signature 3 digit using Library > Music Symbols.

Excellent! That’s what I want. Thanks all!

for your first example, type [Shift-M] 3/4,0.5 [Enter]. Change the property to only show the denominator.
for your second example, type [Shift-M] 3/2,6 [Enter]. Change the property to only show the denominator. Put a time signature change at bar two by typing [Shift-M] 3/6 [Enter] and hide that time signature via the property panel.
Isn’t that all you need?

No, once more the question was about the font. I am sorry if that was not clear. Ignore the part hiding the time sig, that was not the basic question. [It was what I thought I had to do, wrongly.]