Custom wavy line with a glyph

Do you know any free font I could use to help me design custom wavy lines like this one?
It must look like a gliss line but wavy (and not like a trill line)

Thanks for your help!

I haven’t done a lot with these, but I’m pretty sure Dorico’s native custom line functionality covers this.

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I tried with the default symbols, but sadly, the wavy symbol is no “flat” enough :frowning:

Capture d’écran, le 2023-04-28 à 14.01.57

The character selected below is much flatter than the one you just posted anyway.

Did you try that one?

Hi Fred!

The problem with this symbol is that it creates a line with changes of thickness… while I want a normal line with a constant thickness that can match straight lines for glissandos.

I just put both glyphs in there for comparison. Obviously you could only use one of the glyphs when input in the score like below:

The first is the wider one you said isn’t flat enough, but does the 2nd one work? If so just create it using the glyph in blue that I posted above.

I’m looking for something having the thickness of the first line but the amplitude of the second. And if there was another set with an even smaller amplitude that would be the best.

I cannot use the second line because it’s design doesn’t match with other elements in the score. That’s why I was looking for a font or individual glyph that I could use to design this type of line.

Can you import a suitable glyph to use to construct the kind of line you want. IIRC the Line Tool allows something like that.

Sure, that’s what I’m looking for. It’s just that I don’t know where I can find the right glyph.

I finally managed to create something working well with a screenshot of an image that I converted into a svg file. For those interested : (1.2 KB)


In which folder do I have to store this file? (MacOS)

You need to import it in the line editor

Yes, much too “nervous”; I want a very slow “quasi-vibrato”, rather detuning. 1-2 movements per second.

ok; and how can I delete graphics that I have imported there while experimenting?´

I dont’t know :frowning:

You can’t delete those graphics at the moment, I’m afraid, but they don’t really do any harm beyond appearing in that section of the dialog.