Custom Zone-Layout not saved?

A couple of days ago I upgraded tot Nuendo 10.1

Almost everything went without issues, but it seems that Nuendo 10.1 doesn’t remember my Zone-Layout preferences?

For example:
In the Lower Zone, I’d like to see “Extended Transport Controls”. When I click the “divider” twice, in my Lower Zone, these Extended Transport Controls appear. Unfortunately, the next time I start Nuendo 10.1, they have disappeared and I have to set all of these prefs again and again.

I tried trashing “~/Library/Preferences/Nuendo 10/UserPreferences.xml” but this didn’t work unfortunately…

Anyone experiencing this too?
Thanks for any help.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Yep, the same here. Non-saving layouts are my pain also (

I don’t see this problem here (on PC). After changing the transport to extended, the next time I start Nuendo they come back as I left them.

I’d suggest you try using Ctrl + Alt + Shift during launch and temporarily disable your custom preferences to run with the factory settings to see if the problem persists.

I started my Nuendo 10 with Ctrl + Alt + Shift held down, clicked the “Transport Controls divider” in the Lower Zone twice, saved my workspace and restarted Nuendo 10.

Hence my amazement when I saw Nuendo with the Transport Controls extended in the Lower Zone!

Unfortunately though, Nuendo still doesn’t remember my “Setup Window Layout”:
For example:
In my Mix Console, when I switch off the check marks at Setup Window Layout/ Channel Overview and Equalizer Curve, Nuendo shows them again the next time I start Nuendo…

Niek/ Amsterdam