Customer Experience + Steinberg Download Assistant error


Where to start.

It’s 2022 and Steinberg Download Assistant gives us the ONLY option of selecting a download folder but NOT an installation folder and assume that everything can be installed on our C: drive without asking ??

First of all, it’s not relevant to anybody, but few days ago i did everything i could to free some space on my C Drive (a small SSD Drive reserved for Windows 10 only). At the end, I had 15GB of free margin and it was just right.

How, in 2022, your download assistant doesn’t ask us where to install our software? A software + 15 other recommended/optional softwares, of course.

I now have 28Mo left on my C Drive and I must deal with it…


For the error message that pops when launching the steinberg download assistant, here’s the solution: Dorico 3.5 Upgrade to 4 - BAD BAD TIME

NO official fix or support page for this known issue. Be ready to do the work manually.

I’m done. Thank you very much :exploding_head:

You can change your installation directory in the Download Assistant. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I changed it but I have everything go to a large hd…I have 5 hd’s on the DAW! As far as your C drive I would recommend a large drive, I just bought a new laptop with Windows 11 with a 2tb ssd but I would never use it for music…I built a desktop for that :slight_smile:

With the installation of SDA there comes a tool called Library Manager, this enables you to set the library location different from the install directory and gives you the opportunity to move the content where you want it.
This is still working after the installation.