Customer Support - Daniel Style

While I’m still waiting for my copy of Steinberg, I read through the Dorico online forum today, and took a couple of screenshots.

Seems like Daniel is back to his old ways – being online 24/7 to answer questions and help customers on their way.

That is how I remember him, when he used to be senior product manager at Sibelius. I’m sure other Sibelius users can chime in.

If this is the way it’s going to be for Dorico, then no matter what may be missing from the initial release, it’s going to be a very, very beautiful, and bright future. It means that the Dorico Team still has that Fire in the Belly. Don’t want to single out Daniel, many folks (Paul Walmsley, Ben Timms) came over from Sibelius.

(Now, where is my copy … PLEAZZZEE … take my money already … where are those shiny boxes? :slight_smile: )

The Dorico team have been fantastic over the last few days.

I’m coming from Finale so don’t have the Sibelius experience, but I can tell you’re right, he is quite dedicated. I don’t have all the other Dorico team members identified, but great work, all of you!

I heartily agree, Peter! The team’s response to comments and problems both here and on social media is unparalleled, and is just one of the reason’s I’m convinced Dorico has a very bright future ahead of it (heck, I’m even ready to buy that pesky dongle thing!)

I just hope the criticisms which people have can be kept constructive. I purchased on day one and knew a lot of features were missing; I also appreciate that this is a commercial project, and sooner or later you have to bring something to market. Even the simple project I’m working on now will need to be exported via MusicXML and finished off in Sibelius (I need piano arpeggio markings and 1st and 2nd time bars). However, the arranging work is being done in Dorico, which I’m enjoying. Even a quick perusal of the engraving options shows the incredible amount of power and thoughfulness behind this program. There are no doubt lots of good things to come!

Hope Daniel and the team can get some well-earned rest this weekend!

I have not bought Dorico yet, the price is part of this, too much moneyu for what it can and can’t do, but mostly it’s because it’s not yet stable or ready for prime time and it’s not integrated with Cubase - which would be it’s killer feature in the future - deep integration deep deep deep

But I am SO glad its here, we DO have a product in development now, after years of scoring being left behind. Fantastic!!!

I fully expect the team to bring along some big improvements within a few months.