Customising Chord Symbols

The pallet for chord naming on the Chord Track is too limited. When I use the text box at bottom right to create my own and press TAB as it states in the manual, the custom version does not appear on the track. Clearly, not what is wanted. Is there another way to customise the chords?


What manual entry?

Chord symbols can be customized in Preferences>Event Display - Chords & Pitches

I was reading the Chord Editing part of the manual p944/945. As I re-read it I can see that I was mistaken as to that section being where I needed to be.

I will check out the preferences aspect as you have suggested, thank you. The last time, I needed to do this sort of editing was quite a few years ago and with a much older version. It worked then and I guess, I am a touch surprised by the more complex approach that appears to be needed now. i.e. I didn’t need to go searching for the ability to edit, an option was present within the window being used.

However, I do thank you for your quick response.


It sounds like you’re talking about Score Editor chords.

Chord track chords could not be customized prior to the intro of that pref.

indeed, it is for scoring purposes. I assumed the chord track was going to be helpful in that concern. Clearly, I am mistaken again.

thank you

It is though! Chord track chords can appear in the Score Editor when you activate it in Scores> Advanced Layout>Show Chords, or, in Score Settings>Layout there’s a column you can checkmark for that.

It’s not necessary to use the chord track though, if you just want purely graphic symbols. In that case you can type in anything. even nonsense… Is this what you were remembering?

Let me know if that makes sense…

Thanks Steve,

it all makes sense. I knew I could go the old way and add the chords in, I was just hoping that the Chord Track would allow me to customise the entries as Chord Track seems to be a simpler way to go. But, if it can’t customise, I guess I could do a combination.

One issue which I don’t seem to be able to get my head around is… In the key of E (4sharps) but I wanted to add an F#Major chord. Clicked on F# and added but it turned into Gb and changed all my A# notes into Bb notes. There was no way I could edit that - no enharmonic options - in Chord Track.

Any thoughts are welcome


not sure from what you said if you saw this:

I looked at that but it makes a change for all chords of similar type, you can’t seem to create a customised type to add to the existing options. Still won’t change the enharmonic.

Does anyone know why the enharmonic change occurred AND how to change it back? I mean, the use of a Gb is nonsense when originally in E.

All the best


It’s in the Info Line. Do you see it?

If not, can you please be more specific?

Are you talking about chord track chords?

Where are you? Project view or Score editor?

Similar type? What do you mean? You don’t want to spell the symbol according to the intervals in the chord? That’s what it does…

I must be frustrating you quite a bit, I’m sorry. I thank you for your patience.

Interestingly, I have now found the enharmonic shift at the top. However, mine is very much to the left and, therefore, not as obvious. Mind you, I wasn’t looking for it there. I supposed that to change the chord I needed to double click it and, of course, there is nothing inside the pop-up window which is where I was assuming such a thing could be. So, thank you for showing me. It’s always obvious when you know, it’s the knowing which is so difficult at times.


I meant by similar type that if I made a custom entry, say for a major chord, it changed all the chords to suit the custom. I would like to create a customised type of chord that I can choose to use wherever. Again, the old system (in the score edit only) allowed me to do this, the chord track (in the arrange window) does not.

Thank you again.


You can still do it in the Score Editor as you used to do, as I demonstrated above. But chords created in the Score Editor will not show up in the Chord Track.

The feature might not do what you need. The idea is that you create a symbol spelling for all chords with the exact intervals you select, for example,

minor 7th
perfect 5th
maj 3

I want it to display as “C7b9”, but Cubase defaults to “C7/b9”

Actually, I think I just worked it out.

Using the column on the left you choose the relevant notes from a chord which creates the row of options in the white box. By editing the type and tension the new outcome is displayed in the result.

When I return to the chord track and create a chord, I still need to click on the default version which then reads my change and creates the custom.

It’s clunky but makes sense, again once you know, it seems obvious.

Thank you for your patience with me but I think we may have reached a conclusion.

All the best