Customising Generic Remote xml File

Hello Cubasers!
There have been similar threads, but they are like 0 to 100 - with no in between. Either I can find simple instructions on how to set up Generic Remote (which I have now figured out), or there are complex explanations of coding to be inserted into the xml file. I have read here that it is possible to customise the xml file to include at least some of the parameters missing below, as they are not available by default in the Generic Remote options.

I have yellowed out the parameters that I have no idea how to code into my xml file:
Low Cut Filter: On/Off, Shape, Frequency
High Cut Filter: On/Off, Shape, Frequency
EQ1 > EQ4: Shape/Type e.g. parametric1, parametric2 etc

Can anyone help me fill in those blanks please? Totally lost :slight_smile: Thanks!!

Wellcome to the stone age. It can not be done with generic remote, however you can assign a QC(quickcontrol) to this functions and you can assign generic remote a QC. But the silly limitations of 8 QC in Cubase and they are precious so it is very annoying to spend them on for something so basic. By the way, PreGain is also very useful.

I think the params you’ve labeled as EQ Shape is called EQ Type in Cubendo.

thanks cubace and steve. do either of you know how to manually code the xml file?

Here’s some piece of advice from a guy who definitely digged deeply into the abyss of Generic Remote: Avoid to use ist. It is (quote of a steinberg official) a bastard feature.
You might find a solution but there is no guarantee that it will work in the future. Steinberg does not care for GR, it is like the appendix in our bodies… just there, useless and neglected.

I dont understand the question. You open it in a text editor or some other tool. In OSX you can use emacs.
However there is NO technical documentation on the functions you can call. It seems to be a one-to-one match
to the functions available on the steinberg editor. But if you find any “hidden” functions there please make that public.

Who said it, and in what context?

Set your expectations correctly.

It’s stable, and does what it does within its limitations. It gets updated with new commands and functions.

I use it all the time, warts and all.

You can figure it out by inspecting the xml file. You have to have a minimum understanding of scripting concepts to decipher the xml. And really, their are only three things this would be useful for:

  1. Duplicating lines to speed up config of new remotes

  2. creating 14 bit CCs

  3. breaking the Generic Remote :wink:

Can I just say, Steve, you already had a conversation where it was mentioned that the EQ type is a hidden command - Controlling the Channel Strips with a Generic Controller? - #11 by steve - Cubase - Steinberg Forums …but this TabSel user never elaborated :frowning:

Did you observe that that thread is from 6 years ago?

Who said that?
I did. And I continue to do so, Steve.

Sorry, Steinberg officials here in the forum told us that the GR is a Bastard Feature (this is a quote, I did not invent the term). If steinberg has changed its strategy about it, there should for sure be some official statement plus a clear documentation of the available things.
To me it is absolutely obvious that noone cares for the consinstent implementation of GR. Have a look at the thread about control room talk back as a momentary switch. Via try and error I could offer a solution, but noone guarantees it will survive to the next version.

I love cubase, but let us be honest about GR, please (have a look at the random accessability of parameters).

Peace, Ernst

“Set your expectations correctly” is exactly what i am doing btw.
My advice is: Use it, but be aware of what role it obviously plays in the Steinberg prios.

Peace, Ernst

Hey, I’m not disagreeing or denying this at all. It’s not for the faint of heart.