Customizable buttons

I’d like to have a set of buttons in the GUI that could be assigned to Key-Commands & Macros. It would also be nice if these buttons also had an option to let them display a toggle state.

For example I have a Key-Command that toggles on & off the preference for the cursor to return to the start position on a stop. While this works fine, sometimes I don’t recall which state it is currently in so I might need to hit the key multiple times to get the state I want. If this was assigned to a button I could just see the current state.

Nice idea! In fact, it hadn’t occurred to me to define a key command to toggle cursor-return. But you’re right. There’s no way to know the current setting except by hitting play and stop and seeing what happens.


Actually when you change it via a Key Command a message is displayed for a bit saying what the state now is. But if that’s the opposite of what you want you gotta do it again. Still that’s why better than needing to start & stop to tell.