Customize waveform display: don't show empty space

With a file open, there is empty space after the vertical dotted line (which denotes the end of the file). Is there a setting available to force this empty space to not display? Leaving only the content of the file being displayed. I’m curious, mostly, because this affects selecting content with the cursor (you can select empty space) and zooming in/out (the user can zoom in/out of the empty space) of the waveform.



I take the lack of response to mean this is not possible.

There is not such option. I don’t think it’s desirable, because sometimes you want to past sample data past the end.

This is not the case: selecting beyond the dotted line will just select until the end of the file.
BTW, by selecting in the overview of the wave, you can select (magnifying glass) the complete wave and then have it completely in view in the main wave window.

True enough Arjan.

PG, I also see the point about pasting sample data past the end. Personally, that’s rarely useful for me. I’d like an option for the horizontal zoom to only ever zoom out to the size of the file and not beyond.

Another option, perhaps: It’d be nice if the horizontal zoom “quantized” to the length of the file when the zoom scale gets close enough to it. The way the zoom currently works lends itself to overshooting the length of the file.