Customizing drum maps

Since 127 (or whatever the number is) lanes are way too much in most situations I would like to hide or remove drum lanes that are not in use. Is this possible? If so, how?

What I do is assign the unneeded parts to an unused port or midi channel. For example I have maps for just my Octopad so it only needs 12 pads. I assign all to the maybe channel 16 and the Octopads to channel 1.

You can change a parameter for all entries in the map at once by clicking on the parameter, holding down the control key and selecting the value you want.

Thanks for this. But how does for example assigning all unnecessary tracks, or what Whirly refers to as “lanes,” to midi 16 and the 12 necessary Octopad channels to midi 1 going to remove the unused tracks? If you use Toontracks EZ Drummer, open up a groove, you will often end up scrolling because of key assignment. You can manually move the tracks closer together so you don’t have to scroll, but that is a poor solution since you haven’t removed anything and now your key assignments are out of order.

I’m thought I read where you could simply (with some magical combination of shift+Alt+control) delete these, but I don’t remember how. And this is definitely something I would like to know because the number of drum tracks is way too many for most projects I work with. With Superior or EZ Drummer2 it seems like its typically 15 to 30? And often lower than that if you use a combination of Toontrack/Battery/Maschine.

+1, need to know as well, please!

I do know if you are creating a drum map you can left-click and highlight the drum name, then hit down arrow then delete, down arrow, delete etc and that will make all the drum names vanish, but I think the original poster wants the actual tracks to vanish.

Anyone know how other than this?

im not sure if u can delete lanes/keys in drum map,
but today i discovered that its possible to drag lanes to be close to each other…
i have several Hi-Hat sounds on G0 to B0 on key on BFD eco drum sampler which are far down on the drum editor list. i just dragged them to be close to the usual F#1 HiHat and have them all visible and close to each other as “HiHat section”

I discovered that dragging but it does not work when editing if they are not in note order vertically so abandoned it

I’m starting to think it is not possible too. I wish it were.

Do you or anyone know a way to drag more than one lane at a time? This has always been a tedious process and if there is no way I think should be a feature request.

+1 I’m starting to think it is not possible too. I wish it were.
dont see a way doing it !

No it isn’t possible. Damn!

I wish that SB would look at the drum map again. Being able to hide and unhide lanes would be incredibly useful. Being able to order the lanes by key or drum/perc type with the click of a button/mouse would also be great. Colour coding of lanes…would be very helpful.

How that would help our workflow.

I agree 100%. This is just one area of many that could be improved. Unfortunately I think the odds of drum editor improvement…where you could actually highlight and move more than 1 track at a time or delete unused tracks are about 1 in 100. The reason is increasing number of users staying completely in the audio realm slicing warping quantizing and never even initiating this stuff in the midi realm.

Yeah, creating drum maps is a p*in in the *ss. The editor is very very old school and needs some rework and I already posted some threads about this some time ago.

A nice feature of Groove Agent 4 and the SE Version is that you can create a drum map out of the drum kit that you’re using. So you have results in no time.

But before that I used to do it this way:
Made a default drum map for Groove Agent One, where I moved up the notes that you usually require when you map your samples on bank 3 and 4. Then safed it under the name “0default_GAO” in a folder called “drum maps” on my desktop (for quicker access) and loaded and customized it when I made a new drum kit. Then safed the final map under a new name.

Heard of some other people that they work with .xls-files to get quicker results, too. But still there are just work-arounds…

I feel the pain in this room.

I try to look at it as a relaxation period, just take my time and set it all up, down arrow, paste, type…etc.
I usually remap inside the VST to match the defaults, rather than remap each lane, whenever possible.
Set aside time to do this kinda stuff, along with all of my round robin, layering, mapping, I just call it a session.

Honestly maybe they are on to something with the show/hide aspect of the inspector, and they will slowly make it’s way thru other parts of Cubase. The concept may work in the drum editor.

Ahhh, interesting theory. Probably true. We have seem numerous audio improvements and modernization.