Customizing note colors when coloring notes by pitch

I recently purchased Cubasis 3 Pro on the canadian iOS app store. I have one question about it (which will probably turn into a feature request).

In the desktop version of Cubase (12), it is possible to assign custom colors to the different pitches inside the midi editor, if you choose for the notes to be colored not by velocity or track color, but by pitch.

In Cubasis 3, it is possible to select pitch-based coloring of notes; however, these seem to be set in stone and not configurable. They are also pretty terrible, missing several primary colors and using way too many shades of yellow and gold/orange, making the notes hard to distinguish.

Is there any way to assign custom colors on the iOS/iPad Cubasis app, just like Cubase on the desktop? If not, this seems like something really worthwhile to add, and I’d like to know where to go to submit a formal feature request.

Thank you!

Hi @formantzero,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!
Currently, Cubasis does not support to make pitch-based colourings of notes.


Hi Lars, it definitely does support it — I have it right in front of me. If the customization of the colors is not planned to be implemented, can you at least revisit the hard-coded colors so that they are not so close together? There are several that are too close, for example, brown, orange, gold, yellow, salmon.

Perhaps you can swap the lavender/lilac to purple, and make one of the greens a bit darker? The two greens are almost indistinguishable unless next to each other.

Basically just distribute the colors so that they are more distinct from each other and use up all the primary and secondary colors, or even do what LUMI does and use ROYGBIV for the white keys and for the sharps/flats a mix of the adjacent white colors (turquoise between green and blue etc).

That would be a huge help!

This is what I’d propose (I’ve done it in Cubase but I think this scheme is very logical, using the colors of the spectrum starting on C with Red):