Cut bass frequencies leaves mess behind

HI all, first post and I’m a new user.

So I have been trying to cut frequencies below 100hz from all stems to the bass stem using “cut to new layer”. When I do this it leaves behind a blurry mess of the frequencies I’m trying to remove and yep, they’re still audible in the stem I’m cutting from. If I cut higher frequencies it seems to work ok but this is an essential process that I will need to use often. I went to the live chat and was told they don’t have a spectra layers expert to help. So far very unimpressed with my first Steinberg experience.
Hoping someone can help.

Can you show a screenshot when selecting the frequencies <190Hz ? This sounds like a resolution or selection fading not properly adjusted.

Here is a screenshot after I have cut all frequencies below 100hz to the layer below “Bass”. It leaves most of the frequencies behind but just quieter not fully cut.
I tried to upload before & after but as a new user it won’t let me post more than one shot.

I suggest reading this:

And then raise the FFT Size parameter (top right of the screen, in the display panel). Try a value of 8192 for instance. And then try cutting again that frequency range.

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Thank you Robin, I appreciate your help. I’m new to this program. I will read that tonight and see if it solves the problem.

So what’s the verdict?

The Verdict: I read the article and applied the technique; it helped and I’m glad that I know understand better what FFT does, HOWEVER…There is a fundamental design flaw in spectralayers. It is treating audio as a visual medium which, although helpful in many ways, is very unhelpful for cutting frequencies and probably other tasks. Even with fat more focused is still leaves behind a lot of mess and is completely inaccurate. What is the point in having a frequency selection tool and a gauge along the side if it doesn’t accurately cut the selected frequencies?

I only use SL for simple NR tasks, so I can’t offer any insight into your problem, unfortunately. When I need to do frequency editing I do it with paraEQs, usually in Reaper.

Can you show/provide an example where it “still leaves behind a lot of mess and is completely inaccurate” ?

Your initial question was about cutting frequencies below 100Hz. Here’s what it does on a white noise example, looks like a clean cut to me:


I’ve never found removing a wide frequency band from an audio file much of a challenge. I don’t know why Spectralayers should present any special difficulties, especially when you have the option of using a parametric EQ in VST3 mode if you don’t like the integrated effect…

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