Cut event to the hitpoint


I can’t do something in cubase / nuendo:

I’d like to find a hitpoint with (alt+N) and cut to the hitpoint by pressing a key. It doesn’t work when I try to cut to the hitpoint. Can you help me please

(sorry for the previous post deletion : I made it, thinking at first that you wanted to remove a given hitpoint…)

Unless I am missing something, it’s doable directly in the arrange page but, for this to work, hitpoints must have been created, either with the Preferences>Editing>Audio>Enable Automatic Hitpoint Detectiony option activated or by using in the Sample Editor the Hitpoints>Edit hitpoints command, then by closing its window.

Directly in the arrange page, the <Alt+N> / <Alt+B> allows the browsing of the hitpoints created (they appear as very fainted black vertical lines in the selected audio event and, honestly, I don’t know how to make them more visible). You can then use the <Alt+X> shortcut to split the audio event at a chosen hitpoint and, eventually, cut the remaining selected event with <ctrl+X>.

Bit it doesn’t work because when I do alt+x ( split at cursor) it splits all events in the cursor. I just want to split one event. Is there a solution?

Thanks a lot

Actually, it splits all selected events, at least here (Cubase Pro 12.0.40)…