Cut groups (like in FLstudio)

Is there a way to get that thing in cubase. Where (as in Groove Agent) you can select a VST group (say group 5) and which cuts (or be cut) by another VST (putted in group 5 too).
It’s very useful when using multpile bass sounds…so when the new bassline comes no tail of the previous bassline would overlap.

So this is possible inside G.A., havin a pad with closedHH cuttin the sound of an openHH, by puttin them in the same group…but now with midi or instrument tracks, is it possible ??? (if not could you, steinberg, make that possible?)


Side chain?

I think maybe what you are looking for is called “Exclusive” mode in Groove Agent SE.
The button setting for this is in the Agent -> Pad section
Other than that, maybe try Youtube or the Groove Agent SE manual PDF in the Docs download for more details.

Or if you also have FL Studio… It plays very nicely with Cubase.
You can launch it in VSTi mode and rewire channels to Cubase.

yes i could, but in that way, i prefer to automate mute on the track i wanna mute…

but the “cut groups” in FL is making that automatic when the new track plays it automatically mutes the other one.

Thx for your answer, but you did not understand my point…I know how to do it in GrooveAgent. But I need to do that “mute group” thing on Instrument tracks !!!
ex: 1 got 2 basslines, but wont be playin together (they clash frequencies) … so when the 2nd bassline comes, i need the tail of the 1st bassline to be muted automatically…so like 2 (or more) pads in GA…You play one it cuts the other.

And no, launching FL in rewire won’t help cause I need to do that on Cubase Instrument Tracks…I was talking bout FL cause they got that function, it’s called “cut groups”. The only way to doi it, now, in Cubase, is to automate (by hand) a mute when the new evbent starts. But I want it to be auto (cause im lazy, and could forgot and getting freq clashes)

tho maybe a sidechain on a gate could be an auto-mute … it’s an idea !!!