Cut Samples and Import them into Cubase

Hello…I saw someone working with Audio Ease Red Snapper on Mac…Its a sample editor where you can cut out samples directly into Cubase or other Sequencer…

Now i am asking myself why can’t there be a similar solution for pc,or better ,why can’t Steinberg put a audio editor into the audio preview of the Mediabay to drag and drop sample parts directly into cubase!!!

That would be so good for my work, i think there are many people out there searching for this!!

But probably there is a solution in cubase i dont know off?!!??

Regards Jay

can’t you just drag the sample from media bay and then edit inside the project window?

Of course,but dragging a 4.35 min song into Cubase but only using a 0.453 sec sample
is not what i understand with" fast workflow"…Also i only need this slice,and don’t want to spam my RAM with so much material!!!

I know that this function is available in Nuendo,but really asking myself way Steinberg doesn’t implement it in Cubase since its a really important function for so many people!

No one???

Is there a workaround with a plugin or something?

Is it not possible to highlight the portion of the wave you wish to use and import it into the project?

Or perhaps you are talking about something like this?

This is, sadly, a Nuendo only feature. I’d like to have it in Cubase too.