Cut/split selection in audio editor


When working in the audio editor -> i am missing a scissor tool “miss, sniff”

Is there a way to select a region in the audio editor and split the audio from start to end of selection so it becomes its own event? (Without going out of the editor, zooming in to wanted region in the arranger, reselecting the snippet you want and then cutting?)

Thx n Greets:)

Bounce selection (after range selection) will create a new event but you will be stuck with exactly what you select…i.e no way to extend the boundaries of that event later.

Unfortunately the split range command (shift-x) only works in the project window. Probably it can be done with a macro but it’s not immediately obvious to me how!

Hey grimmy:)
Thx for your input:)

Yeah, i tried to conceive a macro and went through the KCs to no avail…

Maybe someone knows a way of doing it?

I think we should strive for a better audio editor…
Some examples of nice additions would be:

  • a scissor tool
  • select regions and transpose
  • better start and end of events handling (warp and extend regions to make audio event longer without limitation of initial event length)
  • no auto start and end markers (or by personal preference)
  • any other things that would make the audio editor more than a “warp in boundries” editor

Thanks for any tips:)

There is so much that seems missing in the editor - this being one.
Also i can’t get the cursor to snap to grid? Maybe it is just a different way of working that i need to adapt to, but at the moment it seems like i will have to do all my audio editing in the arrange window.
I don’t really get what the editor is for (other than vari audio)
Is that how it is supposed to be?