Cut the output sound when clipping

Good evening,

Some VST I’m using are sometimes buggy and produce a continual, really loud, clipping sound.
Problem is, when that happen, both my head and my speakers are about to explose, my only chance is to power off the speakers.

So is there any way to stop the sound from beeing played by the speakers whenever cubase recognises a clip?

In advance, thank you very much.

PS: I’m currently using cubase 5.5.3

No one had the same problem?

It’s very annoying and I’m pretty sure there are options to prevent that within cubase.
Even if there are no function builtin with Cubase, that problem could be fix with ease using a VST, analizing the output and blocking it whenever clipping.

Thanks in advance,

You could always insert a limiter in your stereo out channel. That should help keep the pops and noise from exceeding the set level.

Yes a limiter could help. It’s probably the fastest workaround. On the other hand the best solution would be to change the plugins you use that cause this effect or change the setting. Continuously clipping cant be healthy for your speakers / headphones and will surely influence your mix in a bad way.

PS: Are you sure the clipping is not caused by system overload? I’ve had that in the past if using to much VSTs for my RAM or CPU to handle… just another thought.