Cutaway Organ Pedal Staff Double-bar appearance

I am working on a set of hymn accompaniments for organ. I like to use the 3rd staff for pedal with the introductions and reharmonization(s), but not when presenting the standard hymn harmonization in chorale style. When I hide the staff mid-system, and a double-bar is present, the staff lines do not connect all the way to the second bar. However, if the staff is added back mid-system, the appearance is as I would expect it. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Is this expected behavior from the app? Does anyone know of a workaround?

You seem to have stumbled upon a little bug (or, perhaps more precisely, an unforeseen use case, rather than a ‘bug’).

Can you attach the project you’re working on so I can take a closer look?

When the OP talked about “hiding” the staff, I think what he did was to choose Edit > Notations > Staff > Remove Staff.

The behaviour is the same for any barline “bigger” than a single line (eg repeats).

That is correct. I chose “Remove” staff. I don’t claim to be an expert user, but in my experience, this is the only way I know to get the staff to cut mid-system. In most cases, I would hide a staff using staff visibility at system and frame breaks.
I have attached a sample Dorico file with the behavior shown. I just put a few bars of “Hail, Holy Queen” together, not necessarily how I would arrange them harmonically or format them in score. I just want to show the result.
Cutaway staff example.dorico (799.5 KB)

Absolutely. Thank you. I posted the file in my response to stevenjones01. It’s not the actual project I referenced, but it shows the same result.

I wonder if any determination has been made about this? I am guessing it’s a bug and will be corrected at some point in a future release. I also wonder if anyone has any ideas on how to cosmetically work around it, aside from just hiding the staff in the following system? Again, I only encounter this problem using the “remove staff” command mid-system with a double-bar.

Assuming you are using Dorico Pro, try these steps:

  1. Select the double barline where the pedal staff is removed and change it to a single barline.
  2. Type Shift+B followed by +1z and press Enter.
  3. Select one of the 64th rests and type Shift+M followed by 1/64 and press Enter.
  4. In the properties panel, hide the new time signature.
  5. Select the three whole rests and set their custom scale to 1.
  6. With the note spacing tool in engrave mode, move the whole rests as far to the left as possible.
  7. Move the following barline to the left until both single barlines look like a double barline.
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Alternatively, use Edit > Remove Rests.

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Sorry, this one is still on my backlog until I have sufficient time to investigate it in more detail. Apologies for the delay.


Thank you! I am using Dorico Pro, and your suggestion achieved exactly what I needed. Also, I did as @StevenJones01 suggested, and used “Edit: Remove Rests.”

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