Cutout scores (Lutosławski)

Just wondering, is there yet any update to Dorico that would make Lutosławski-style cutout scores more facile to produce? I know this is a topic that appears periodically, just wondering if there’s a latest suggestion / manual / anything handy of the sort.

Thank you!

Nothing new, no.

what was the latest helpful thing you’ve read on the subject?

The subject was discussed here recently:

There have been other topics about this recently, e.g. here and here. I suggest you check there.

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Thanks Daniel! (Both links appear to be to the same thread - did you mean a second one?)

I did, sorry. Now edited.

Awesome – it sounds like you’re working on cut-away scores for a future version - wonderful! So much less ink will be spilled once you get it working. In the meanwhile, might I also suggest that you make a cut-away font a la Lutosławski’s scores? They were mostly engraved by his wife, Danuta – maybe you could even license her handwriting (is that a … thing?) and name the font in her honor?