Cutter should send me OMF or AAF?

Hi guys, I am ProTools-user and have to learn Nuendo 7. I’ve seen this other post, that people have problems with Nuendo7 using AAF. Should I tell my cutter to send me all media-date via OMF (as in ProTools)?


I see no reason to use OMF.
AAF had it’s glitches in the past, but I’ve not had an issue in a long time, except for a minor one that was due to the OS and not to Nuendo.
If your lad’s on a Media Composer, have him export a folder linked AAF with AAF edit protocol DISabled. Works best for me that way. Also you’ll need the video separate as a Quicktime. Nuendo doesn’t as yet have something comparable to VideoSatellite/Interplay functionality.

At AAF you got better import options.

Hi Guys,

While the AAF topic is up, I would like to ask a simple question;
Need to send a media export guide to editors on Premiere , so my Nuendo imports will be solid.
QT specs, video codecs, AAF sequence details, etc…
Have no major issues at all right now, just extra work to fix up their inconsistent exports.

Is there an up to date, clear list somewhere that you of ?
Would be truly appreciated.


should be DNxHD in Quicktime .mov container. DNxHD 36 is good for me.
Apple ProRes is also OKAY. H264 works well for preview quality, but scrubbing and nudging in the Nuendo timeline might be a little slow.

Sorry have never dealt with audio import from Adobe, all my clients are on MC.

Back to the OMF vs. AAF question.

Keep in mind that the word OMF has become like a verb, much like Google.

So, nowadays editors say OMF and very often think AAF.

Technically you should always ask for a referenced AAF today. OMF is very old and give you all sorts of gripe.
AAF can too of course, but it is easier to solve.


You misunderstood my request, sorry.
I have no issues with QT import or AAF sequences coming from MC.
Doing it daily.
I was simply looking for Adobe Premier export to Nuendo specific rules to help out our editors.

Ok, sorry.

AAF referenced from Premiere.

Ok, sorry.

AAF referenced from Premiere.

Yes, of course …that would be the normal process. But it is buggy and unreliable.

Anyone ?

In latest version of Premiere CC? I do not experience these bugs. Are there all kinds of audio on the timeline in premiere?


I’m having some trouble with OMF from Premiere, for every track imported (or exported) I get an additional L_R track with no audio. Say you have Track1 with audio clips and before Track2 you get Track1_L and Track1_R. This happens to every track. Pain…

Is that a Nuendo issue or Premiere in need of an upgrade?

With OMF you mean OMF, not the general wording for omf/aaf files? :-p

I have not tested OMF from recent Premiere, so I don´t know.

Old school OMF yes. :wink:

Premiére is problematic, most certainly the older versins.
I have heard that these things are a lot better in the latest versions.

I’ve seen that problem before, and can be solved (in my case anyway) to perform a “search missing files” and point the dialog box to the OMF media folder.


Premiere OMF and AAF has a history.
It can be summed up: Before and after Adobe bought Automatic Duck.

The latest incarnations seldom do have problems. But messy timelines, with audio files placed onto wrong audiotracks can create problems. Also a mixture of different audio files.
This is the same with Avid MC also. only wav or mxf for audio is recommended.

In Premiere audio files mono and stereo can be placed on different tracks and it works.
For instance, you can place a mono file on a stereo track, and it works, but it creates a wrong omf/aaf.
You can place dual mono on dual stereo tracks, again this creates a wrong omf/aaf.

To have no (or less) problems with omf/aaf (please do not use omf anymore), you need to have mono files on mono tracks and stereo in dual mono tracks. The AAF of Premiere do not support to make proper stereo.

Prefs. can be set in Premiere so the editor always works with mono tracks. and interleaved stereo is imported correctly.

BWF files are also important.

Avid MC do have the same issues, but during all the years (even) video editors seem to have learned to behave better on Avid MC. With Premiere all the “new” editors pop up, which maybe not understand post prod. workflows that good.

I’m used to struggling with editors who use FC and complain it doesn’t support AAF, does Premiere support AAF as standard or do they need a plug in as well?

Premiere CC has omf and aaf native. Both from the Automatic Duck merger.
Earlier Premiere is crap.

Do editors who use Final Cut 7 still exist? If so they should switch to FCPx and the lovely X2Pro Audio Convert software.

BTW, that is a way todo it also with Premiere CC. Have the editor save a FCP(x) xml from Premiere and use X2PRO to create the AAF.


Back to OMF vs. AAF:

In ProTools I now created a AAF of my recent work for that project (I already startet doing some work in ProTools while waiting for the AAF from the cutter) and imported it into Nuendo 7.

  • my stereo-tracks are now two mono-tracks - how can I connect them to one object again? was sth wrong while importing the aaf?
  • when I move in Nuendo these objects they leave a really small clip at the beginning and the end - what’s that and why is it there? I just drag and drop and there they are :open_mouth:

Sounds like a really old PT version …
There were days that stereo didn’t exist for PT, it was called dual mono.

Project/convert tracks/Mono to Multi Channel

There was a time when fades were like that in PT. Each fade was actually a small edit for the bigger file.
So, every small clip you see was a fade in PT.


I hope to see that on Cubase 8.5…