Cutting a time slice from a MIDI track

Hello, I’m using Cubase Elements. I want to shorten some notes that are held down too long (while I turned a music page) during a MIDI recording. Obviously I need to do this without leaving a gap after, so I can just change the length of the notes. For some reason Cut Time is not an available option in this track.

Any suggestions on how to do this?

Cut/Delete Time is only available in the Project Window, when you have a range selected using the Range Selection tool.

When editing MIDI, try this:

Cubase offers several different Snap types:

The “Shuffle” type

automatically moves the next note/event back or forward when resizing MIDI notes in the Key Editor, or risizing events in the project window.

Combining the different snap types with quantizing and smart use of the “Nudge” key commands:

  • Ctrl + :arrow_left: Left or Right :arrow_right: Arrow
  • Alt + :arrow_left: Left or Right :arrow_right: Arrow
  • Alt + Shift + :arrow_left: Left or Right :arrow_right: Arrow

Can allow you to edit your MIDI recording really quickly.

Thanks Romantique, but will this shift, for example the entire rest of the song back by the same amount? You see, either I need to cut a time slice out, or shift the entire rest of the song (the remaining notes and MIDI events) back to make up for the shortened notes…

The method I posted only modify the notes inside MIDI part you’re editing. If you shorten the note while the Shuffle snap type is enabled, then all next MIDI notes will be moved back in time by the exact same amount, making up for the shortened notes, for as long as they’re inside the same MIDI part.

In the Project Window, doing the same thing will move ALL next parts back in time.

The other method, which only works in the Project Window, is to use the Range Selection tool

and then going to Edit -> Range -> Delete Time.

Great tips, thanks!