Cutting and removing parts of a sample


I am trying to cut an audio sample and only save the part I am using and delete the rest.

Sometimes I just improvise over something and only like 10 seconds of it and want to get rid of the rest. When I cut the part I need, move it to another track and remove the rest, the whole sample stays in my audio folder and let’s say the whole file is 60 meg and all I want is 5 meg from the middle of it.

I have the hard drive space for it but I assume it will use resources to play the small part of a big file more than a single small file. My computer is not the best and I feel this may use valuable resources.

Could someone please tell me how I remove the 55meg I don’t want and only leave the 5 meg file I want. I hope I have explained it clearly for you.


You can use Minimize Files to keep only the portion of the audio file which is actually being used.

You can also use Bounce Selection, which creates a new file while making your edits (fades, offline processing, etc) permanent.

After making a load of edits like that, I tend to use the “back up project” option to save into a new folder and allow all linked audio files to be copied, and tick the minimised and remove unused files options. This gives you a really concise project folder.

But then I start all new projects in a default “scratch” folder, which makes clearing out remnants nice and easy as I know anything left will be floating around in there.

Not a fan of having to select a folder for each new project, which is why I go this route - it’s fine if you’re doing something specific like bringing some stems in to mix and know the name of the song, but at lot of the time I could be trying out ideas that never get saved… I really don’t want to be coming up for names before i’ve even started! :slight_smile:

So “back up project” is a really handy feature so you don’t have to worry about micromanaging.

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It looks like bounce and minimizing are the things I need since I’m only removing the beginning and the end of the file. It’s really just to get some ideas into one place to show it to others.

My knowledge is very basic and I only learn something new when I need to do it. I think I am only using less than 2% of what Cubase can do at the moment.

I was thinking about moving it to a new project then importing it back but that seems a long way round for one small sample.

Thanks for the advice.