Cutting tracks Alt Modifier key is inconsistent at alternative DPI scales on windows

When using any DPI scaling on windows aside from 100% the ALT + Click modifier when used to chop an audio track, results in inconsistent results, sometimes the track is chopped and sometimes the Move modifier is used.

steps to reproduce

  1. set dpi scaling to 200% (anything other than 100%)
  2. add audio track to project
  3. hold down alt key and make a snip on the track.
  4. repeat this process and it wont work 50% of the time

I have noticed this bug for quite some time, I keep updating to later versions of Cubase and hope that it has been fixed but it never is, so either it’s a bug that only affects me? or nobody has reported it yet… so I thought i’d stop being lazy and just report it! :slight_smile:

I would include a video but apparently I can’t include links ?

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I have not seen this myself, on Windows. Please fill in your Profile with your System OS and Cubase version info so others can help in an informed manner. :slight_smile:

Cheers, have done now

Same problem here!
I didn’t change the dpi scaling at all - just used the default settings (is other than 100% the default setting?).
I thought maybe they changed the keycommand to sth else or I’m doing it wrong…

Hi, if you change your windows default scaling (in the operating system) to 100%, then reopen cubase, the modifier will work as expected, it’s just when you use any other DPI scaling, either by changing the Operating system scaling or using the scaling in app that this issue happens.