Cyber Deals: Save 50% on Cubasis 3 and all in-app purchases until December 11, 2023!

Hi all,

Steinberg’s Cyber Deals sale is on, which lets you save 50% on Cubasis and selected in-app purchases from Waves and more.

Download Cubasis on the App Store
Get Cubasis on Google Play

This offer ends on December 11, 2023.

Enjoy being creative
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Hi, it seems the deal isn’t online yet in Indonesian and Japanese App Store. It still shows full price for Cubasis 3 in both.

I don’t get any discounts in India for cubasis 3. It is still 4999rs

Hi @SHIJU_S_J, Hi @shidostrife

Could you please recheck, the prices should appear correctly reduced in those countries.

Look forward to your reply!


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hi LSlowak

Thank you for responding so quickly! I see the discounted prices now. Cheers!

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USAStores in the US seem to also display full price

Hi @1009508231

Cubasis for iOS and Android are differently priced (due to their different feature sets, see our comparison page for more details). The reduced USD price shown on the Google Play screenshot is correct.


Considered this but wonder if there will be an upgrade price for v4 when it drops?

V3 came out in 2020 and iirc was a new version without an upgrade path.

Hi @Dave_Y

Currently we’re working on the next update, but not version 4…


Hi. This deal is not active in brazilian AppStore.

Hi @cailo

Hi. This deal is not active in brazilian AppStore.

From what I see, Cubasis is available at R$129.90 in the Brazilian App Store, which is 50% off normal price (R$249.90).

Hope that helps!



I know this will not get any accurate answers but I’ll still ask…

Will we get the ‘rumored’ Cubasis 3 update before the current sale ends, before Christmas or will we have to wait until next year?

Will it include any new ‘feature IAPs’ so we can support the Cubasis ‘project’?

I’ll try to stay suportive regarding Cubasis even though I’ve mostly moved over to using LogicPro for iPad being a Logic user on the Mac…

Take Care & Stay Safe

Hi @Samuel_Lindeman

Not before the sales end, but sometime s.o.o.n…

Stay safe too,