Cyber security threats and Wavelab

Hi, Nice work on the new update on WL11 Very helpful.

Serious and unusual question. My business and emails are infrequently attacked for phishing, I have had some direct targeting with trojans. And even been the victim of credit card fraud.

Some of these attacks are increasing as of late, and I’m suspecting that some of these actors are trying to send me mp3 files and .mov files which contain malicious code, particularly in the metadata of mp3 files.

I’m wondering, if they (such as mp3 metadata) do actually contain malicious code, could or would that code have any way of executing in Wavelab to compromise my workstation or would I be safe opening the files in Wavelab and clearing the metadata? I don’t think if, in fact, that is there actually is malicious metadata, it would be able to execute inside WaveLab? as I believe these types of exploits are more targeted for media players.

I can’t see how this would be possible.

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