Cycle Button Audio Issue

Hi All,

After a little help… My project will not play any sound unless I have the Cycle button activated!

It is set to a range in a loop, if I move the loop section it still plays what it use to be…so i cant even leave the cycle button on and work on my track live… its as if it has recorded and got stuck and will only play that part. I can play sounds from my VST’s if I select a track but if I turn off the cycle button and press play/Start I have no sound…

The Project when loaded has the Cycle button activated.

I’ve tried turning it of and saving as another file name but when loaded still the same, no audio.

I have also cleared out the preferences/tried safe mode and still is the same.

anyone any ideas on this one im lost???

Cubase 10.5 .30 - upgraded today to see if that would fix it… still the same