Cycle Marker Audio Export Improvements

We’re using Nuendo 11 on a game sound design project at the moment and the Cycle Marker Export Range - combined with the new flexible stem export options - is an incredible thing. It allows you iterate globally, batch exporting hundreds of sounds painlessly. There’s just a couple of additions to the Cycle Marker Export functionality that would make a project of this scale so much more efficient.

We have almost 700 Cycle Markers in our master session, one for each asset in the game. If we make a change to a set of sounds and need to re-export, we need to scroll down through hundreds of Cycle Markers in the Export Range pane to manually find the ones we need, unchecking the markers we last exported, and checking the ones we want to export.

I think three simple things could improve this process dramatically:

  1. A Cycle Marker search box (this is the big one, and already exists for busses)
  2. A ‘Select All’ checkbox
  3. A ‘Select None’ checkbox

The export capabilities of Cubase/Nuendo are already, for me, far beyond what other DAWs offer and perfect for this kind of project. I think these changes would make it even better.

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You know you can select a bunch of cycle markers and select/deselect them all in one go!?


I do! Which is why this is not as crucial as a search box! Just every time I want to bounce out a specific group of Cycle Markers, I have to manually select all markers, click on and off to deselect whatever I had selected on the previous bounce (this is easier than tracking them all down and just deselecting those ones) and then find and select the new ones I want to export.

I guess it’s actually the search box and ‘select none’ I’d love to see!

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+1 for the search box

+1 for search box, running into the same annoyance, a must for video game asset bouncing.

Another +1 for deselect all. I would add the option: import all to one track. It’s a pain to have to move everything to one track after a multifile export.

Another helpful option, outside of export, would be to be able to move all selected clips to the selected track instead of clips closest to the selected track. It was a good new feature that almost got it right.

Select First en last marker and deselect/select them all.


Hi Fredo. As mentioned, when you have hundreds or even thousands of cycle markers and you’re bouncing out certain groups at a time, this becomes pretty tiresome. Every time you want to change the set of markers you’re bouncing out, you have to manually select all of the markers, select them all, deselect them all (so you’re ‘clearing’ the markers you bounced out previously) and then manually go through and select the next group of markers you want to bounce out. Rinse and repeat. It’s not a great workflow when you’re dealing with lots of assets.


+1 to this.

Also, on Mac at least, the Cycle Marker export window is tiny and doesn’t scale which makes it quite painful to work with for us in games with typically lots of markers to export