Cycle markers by ID in Export Window

HI Steinberg,

I have been trying to export about 50 cycles markers assigned to a different tracks. I have ID them based on track export priority, but in export window, cycle markers are all over the place in the cycle range section. Clicking on ID tab does not sort them out, I am not sure if that is by design?

Could we please have the option to sort them out by ID.


Not a bad idea. But you could revise your system probably as a workaround by adding your own numbering (by importance) to the beginning of each cycle marker name instead of using the IDs for importance rating instead use the IDs probably as intended to be in order from beginning of project to end (in markers window, in the functions menu, you can re-organize IDs start to finish).

Then, in your export naming scheme, put Marker Name before Marker ID

good idea, thanks! However, I hope Steinberg will add my feature request in the next update as it would be useful.