Cycle Markers to Arranger Track

Edit: It turns out Cubase already does almost exactly what I was asking for in the post below. If this topic interests you, please jump to the following post – Pro-Tip: Cycle Markers to Arranger Track

Original post follows:

I’d like to take a Marker Track’s Cycle Markers and then have an Arranger Track automatically created that exactly matches the Cycle Markers on the selected (active) Marker Track.

It would be function named something like “Cycle Markers to Arranger Track.” Alternatively, we might be able to drag cycle markers to the Arranger Track to have Arrange Chain segments created that match the cycles.

Rationale: In developing projects, I frequently use Cycle Markers for parts of the project and then use those to draw in the Arranger Track segments that match the Cycles Markers. I’d like to have a function that did that ‘auto-magically.’

I think this would be a good workflow enhancement and a real time-saver for the current, excellent Arranger Track system. Thanks for your consideration.

Cool idea! +1



That is how I thought cycle markers were used - hearing about arranger tracks years ago.
So to get those ranges into arranger - very good.

Quick question- do you know that a double click on a cycle marker, followed by a double click in the arranger track does this?

At least I didn’t.

No! And, once again, Steve, thank you so much for helping me learn to use Cubase better. I’ll try this today. :slight_smile:

Edit: Steve, this worked perfectly. This would be an excellent demo for one of Greg Ondo’s videos on the Cubase youtube channel – assuming he’s not already covered it. This is a tremendous workflow enhancement for me.

Steve, I’ve looked and looked and can’t find a reference for this in the Operations Manual, is this an undocumented feature? Can’t be, it’s too good to have gone unmentioned in the OM. Anyway, when you have a min. Thanks.

Can’t say I understand you question. A minute for what?

“Is this an undocumented feature?”

Sorry, Steve, I was asking if you knew if this was documented in the Operations Manual. I’ve looked and can’t locate anything about this. All the OM’s instructions on creating Arranger Chain segments say to use the Pencil Tool and draw in the segments. This double-click method has been a real boon to my workflow.

Another user on a related post about this discovered that an Arranger Segment can be created by, 1) selecting a Part and then 2) double-clicking on the Arranger Track. For me, this small thing made a big difference in my Cubase experience. Take care for now, Steve. Thanks for everything.

Well, double clicking in on a track between the left and right locators creates a part for any track type. It’s a core characteristic of the Cubase gestalt.

That’s true. But, I can’t find gestalt in the operations manual (joke). :laughing:


This one little thing has made such a big difference in my comfort level with Cubase and the efficiency of my workflow – and is nothing to sneeze at. :laughing: